Hiking holiday in St. Johann in Salzburg

Hiking - alone or in pairs

Enjoy a hiking trip with the whole family or a guided hike with your host in St. Johann in Salzburg from spring to autumn. The mountain connects, calms, strengthens body and mind. Not only extreme mountaineers, alpine dairymen, sheep and chamois are drawn to the place where the air and water are purest, but holidaying families also appreciate the almost limitless freedom and tranquillity of hiking in the healthy mountain air.

Fit and healthy

From childhood to old age - hiking is always fun and keeps you healthy! Enjoy the fresh air, feel the sun on your skin and explore the area on your feet. Whether it's high alpine or pleasure hiking - your health will thank you. To enjoy a carefree and safe day on the mountains of the Alps, it is important to follow a few basic rules and tips:

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Family holiday in the mountains

Families in particular love activity in the fresh air. Easy hikes and a comfortable ascent with the Alpendorf cable car make a hiking holiday in St. Johann in Salzburg an absolute experience for the whole family. At the top, the Ghost Mountain and its fire, earth and air spirits are waiting to be discovered by the little adventurers.

For a hiking holiday with the whole family, you can hire baby carriers/children's harnesses or pushchairs. This means that even the smallest hikers can get up the mountain in comfort.


Hiking Bus

Alpine huts in the hiking area