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The Ghost Mountain is one of the main attractions here in St. Johann in Salzburg. Gspensti and Spuki, our two house ghosts, look forward to many visitors in summer. Because when the mountains become snow-free, the earth, air and water spirits awaken and wait with some adventures for small and big explorers.


Do you still have questions about the Ghost Mountain? No problem - we'll be happy to answer them!

First, take the Alpendorf cable car up to the mountain station from the valley station in St. Johann in Salzburg, which takes about 15 minutes. From there you take a short, leisurely hike to the Ghost Mountain train stop. The Ghost Mountain train continues up to the centre of the Geisterberg every half hour with a short stop at the middle station (Buchau Hütte). The train ride takes about 15 minutes. So it takes about 45 minutes from the valley to the centre of the Ghost Mountain.

No, of course not. There is also a beautifully laid out hiking trail leading up to the ghost mountain and you will pass play stations such as swings and climbing towers again and again. You should allow about 45-60 minutes for the hike.

The Ghost Mountain train is a tractor with a large trailer for the Ghost Mountain visitors. There is room for about 50 people, and pushchairs can also be transported. The Ghost Mountain train runs at half-hourly intervals up and down the mountain all day from 9.15 am. to 4.30 pm. and makes the excursion to the Ghost Mountain much more comfortable.

Tip: The first ride on the Ghost Mountain train usually starts directly at the top station of the cable car lift. So if you take the first gondola up at 9.00 a.m., you save yourself the 15-minute walk to the actual Ghost Train stop.

Around the Gernkogel in St. Johann in Salzburg there are over 40 large and small play stations for children. Embedded in stories about legends and natural figures, the mountain is divided into the four worlds of fire, water, earth and air spirits. The ghost village, the climbing dragon, water games, slides, climbing towers, swings, the ghost castle, a raft across the mountain lake and a viewing platform are just a few of the adventure stations.

All attractions and play stations on the Ghost Mountain are outdoors. It gets nice and warm on the mountain in summer, so shorts are often enough. But you should always have something long-sleeved to wear and a rain jacket with you. It quickly gets cooler on the mountain and a short rain shower can come sooner than you think. On really nice summer days, it is advisable to pack bathing suits for the children for the water games, as it can get wet. As you are always exposed to the sun, don't forget sun cream and headgear!

You can, but it is not recommended. As there are a number of paths between the numerous play stations on the Ghost Mountain, sports shoes or light hiking boots are recommended.

To fully enjoy the alpine theme park, you should allow at least three hours, but ideally five hours to a whole day. The gondola lift operates from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Tip: The majority of visitors go up the mountain around 11.00 am. If you are a little earlier, you will save yourself waiting times on particularly nice days.

Most of the paths are suitable for pushchairs. However, an outdoor pram with good wheels is recommended - although toddlers are best off in a carrier.

We recommend that you bring something to drink and a few small snacks for you and your children, especially on hot days. There are two huts on the Ghost Mountain (Buchauhütte and Gernkogelalm) that will be happy to provide you with fine, regional food and cold drinks.