Liechtenstein Gorge

The natural spectacle in SalzburgerLand

Imposing, spectacular, impressive - these are just some of the superlatives that apply to the Liechtenstein Gorge and its new attractions. This year, a completely new experience awaits you in the renovated gorge, e.g. with the "Helix" spiral staircase, which rises 30 m into the depths and offers spectacular insights into the natural spectacle that is the Liechtensteinklamm. Tip: The Liechtenstein Gorge is included in the SalzburgerLand Card.

Latest information

The Liechtensteinklamm is open daily from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (last admission 6.00 pm). We look forward to your visit!

PLEASE NOTE: Because of revision works the Liechtensteinklamm will be closed on 01.07.2024 at 4.00 pm (last admission: 3.00 pm).

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Fascinating insights & views in the mountains


Imposing architecture

The highlight of the renovated Liechtenstein Gorge is the imposingly designed "Helix" staircase, a spiral staircase made of Corten steel that rises up to 30 m into the depths, where you can experience breathtaking impressions of the natural spectacle. In the course of the renovation, a total of three tunnels, four galleries and 60 rockfall nets with a total length of 1,100 m were built. All structures and safety protection nets had to be flown into the gorge by helicopter. Around 7,000 minutes of flight and high precision were necessary to transport the building materials, some of which weighed several tonnes, into the gorge. In addition, there was extensive rock clearance on the partly overhanging and up to 200 m high rock faces. Safety is also ensured by a monitoring system that detects movements in the rocks in the millimetre range.

Webcam, live from the Liechtensteinklamm