Picnic basket

Regional delicacies

Regionality and conscious eating are becoming increasingly important in today's society. We want to know what we are eating, where it comes from and who is responsible for it. The St. Johann picnic basket combines precisely these components. So only products that have been produced directly by local producers go into the basket. From sheep's yoghurt to sausage and cheese to freshly harvested vegetables, you will find a rich selection.

How it works:

Order your picnic basket for two or four people the day before at the tourist office. The very next day you can pick up the picnic basket with the regional products directly from the tourist office.

Picnic spots to suit every taste

With the large selection of cosy spots for a picnic in St. Johann, it's hard to decide. To make the decision easier, here are the six highlight picnic spots in St. Johann. Of course, you can also spread out your picnic blanket at any of your favourite spots.