Salzburg Summit Game

Hike playfully with the Salzburg Summit Game

With the Salzburg Summit Game, which is all about the "Benevolent Queen and her six noblemen", mountain hiking becomes a playful nature experience for adults and children. The goal is to climb a prominent peak in each of the seven holiday resorts of the Salzburger Sportwelt and literally hike its story.

Nobleman Hochgründeck in St. Johann

The Healer (1,827 m)

The Benevolent Queen's relationship with her healer was a very special one. He taught her to appreciate and respect life with all its ups and downs. That sometimes active action is needed to change one's destiny, then again patience and calm, because the power of stillness and mindfulness is a very powerful one. Immerse yourself deeply in silence, sharpen your senses and let your thoughts wander. The healer asks us, besides looking far through life, not to forget to look within. He teaches us why outer peace is only attainable through inner peace.

Tour details Hochgründeck

The Hochgründeck (1,827 m) is not only one of the highest, forested mountain peaks in Europe, but also an ancient place of power and ritual. The mountain entices you to inner contemplation, and with the St. Vinzenz Chapel of Peace you will also find a very special place to do just this.

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