Tree trail

New climbing fun at the Hahnbaum

Discover the forest from above. "JODY's tree trail" is the new highlight at the Hahnbaum and an experience for the whole family. Climbing, shimmying, balancing - here, big and small climbing enthusiasts are well catered for.

Tree trail facts

Climbing sports are very popular in Austria. Especially in combination with nature and fresh (Salzburg) mountain air, high ropes courses, forest parks and adventure playgrounds with climbing elements are popular attractions.


To reach the tree trail, it is best to park at the Waldschwimmbad car park.
On the left, before the entrance to the swimming pool, follow the hiking trail in the direction of the Motorikpark. The tree trail 1 is located directly at the Motorikpark. Then follow the hiking trail from there for about 10 minutes on foot to reach tree trail 2.


The wise owl and the cheeky squirrel guide you through the tree trail

Jody & Joey share a deep friendship. They have been discovering the forest and its many adventures together since they were little. The cheeky and brave squirrel Joey is always on the lookout for new discoveries and challenges. It is good that he has the wise and clever owl Jody by his side, who is on hand to explain many things in the forest and in nature.