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What to expect

The St. Johann

From July 13-19 everything in St. Johann revolves around our little guests. The JoKiWo offers everything a tiny adventurer heart desires. A great week full of activities, adventure, special offers and many highlights for the whole family.


Let yourself be enchanted during your journey to the world of fairies, ghosts and mysthical creatures.


From the city park high up to the Ghost mountain you go on an unforgettable adventure trip with your whole family.


A special shopping day for families and kids and a great adventure playground in the city park.

For all ages

14. July 2019

Peter and the Wolf

Salzburg Philharmonic, sunday 14. July at 11am, Kultur- und Kongresshaus
14. July 2019

16. Juli 2019

Teller of fairy tales on the mountain

Max Steiner enchants with his fairy tales on tuesday, 16. July at 11am on the Ghost mountain in Alpendorf
16. Juli 2019

18. Juli 2019

Puppet theatre

Thursday, 18. July at 5pm in the city park pavilion
18. Juli 2019

19. Juli 2019

Shoppingday for families

Friday, 19. July in St. Johann
19. Juli 2019

The absolute highlight of the week is the presentation of Peter and the Wolf, performed by the Salzburg Philharmonic. It shows children the magic of classical music. Playfully, children will have good times in a simple, basic way.

Stefanie Mayr
TVB St. Johann

For all ages

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JoKiWo Philharmonie Salzburg © Wildbild

Peter and the wolf

The performance of Peter and the wolf shows children the magic of classical music in a playful way.

JoKiWo Märchenwanderung © Wildbild

Fairytale storyteller

One of the best story tellers accompanies the children into a land of fairies, ghosts and mythical creatures.

JoKiWo Puppentheater © Wildbild

Puppet theatre

In the city park the little ones will be entertained by a theater that has become quite uncommon in the modern times of cell phones and tablets – puppet theatre.

Children’s paradise

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