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Adventure, fun and a great experience for the entire family

In St. Johann in Salzburg there’s nothing holding you back from an active holiday with your entire family and all your friends – variety, fun and an adrenaline kick are all included. Experience adventures from high in the air to deep in the water and in canyons. Here everyone will find the right active program to suit them.


Action and fun on holiday!

How about a rafting trip through one of the most diverse and spectacular river sections of the Salzach, "wandering" through a canyon between spectacular rock formations and steeply rising rock walls, seeing the world from above, testing and discovering your own limits, or simply experiencing an adventure in nature? St. Johann in Salzburg certainly has something to offer you.


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  • Pleasure Elements: Phone: +43 650 5006571


A thrill and a change for those seeking adventure

A very special experience is certain whilst canyoning. Hike, climb and slide in spectacular gorges through breathtaking walls of rock. Jumping down into the deep water from up to 16 meters of height makes the (adventurer’s) heart beat faster - but you can also lower yourself down on a rope.


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The dream of flying - seemingly weightless!

This exhilaration is accomplished with a few lines and a few meters of colorful sailcloth over your head. Without any prior experience, you can experience a Tandem flight with paraglider. In summer or in winter, flying is possible all year round. One of the most successful flying schools in Austria, the Austrian Fly school, has been operating in St. Johann for over 20 years. Only experienced state-trained flight instructors and paraglider pilots fly at Austria Fly - and bring you safely back to solid ground.


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Street Kart

Variety and fun for adventurous

On the GoKarts, ready, go! You get the extra ordinary experience of driving through the city and the surrounding area in a GoKart. All you need is a class B drivers's license. Drive wherever you want with your friends instead of going in a circele on the kart track. The 90 km/h fast karts offer you that feeling of racing and pure driving fun! Drive a kart without any kilometer restrictions and at a more reasonable rate than on the kart track.


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"Paint your life" in St. Johann in Salzburg

Off to nature to “Paint your life!” Paintball is the modern version of “cops and robbers”, a team sport that requires tactical skill and good teamwork. Fun, action and the experience of nature for the entire family and friends, or for special occasions.


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