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Picknicken in St. Johann im Salzburger Land
Picknicken in St. Johann im Salzburger Land
Picknicken in St. Johann im Salzburger Land

Picnic in St. Johann

Regional delicacy from the Salzburger Land

Regionality and conscious eating are becoming increasingly important in our society. We want to know what we eat, where it comes from and who is responsible for it. The St. Johann picnic basket, which has been available since summer 2019, combines exactly these components. Only products that have been produced directly by domestic manufacturers get selected for this basket. You will find everything in the basket, from sheep yoghurt to sausage and cheese to freshly-picked vegetables.

Spending time with your loved ones is the nicest thing ever. And no better way to enjoy a cozy summer day than by eating good food in beautiful nature with them. In summer in St. Johann, family, culinary delights and nature are best brought together around a picnic basket.

Make an appointment (at least 24 hours in advance) directly at the Tourist Office St. Johann in Salzburg and then pick up your basket filled with regional specialties at one of the three selected picnic basket partner companies. You can order your picnic basket for two or for four persons. On request, also only a vegetarian content is possible.



Partner companies

Three different partner companies prepare the picnic basket freshly for you. You can pick up your picnic basket, which is filled with regional products, directly from your partner company you chose or from the one named in the pre-booking.


Pongauer Bauernladen

(Pongau farmers shop)

Ing.-Ludwig-Pech-Straße 1

Tel.: +43 6412 6868


Fleischerei Urban


Hauptstraße 32

Tel.: +43 6412 4275




Metzgerei Rettensteiner-Scharfetter


Hans-Kappacher-Straße 9

Tel.: +43 6412 20 245




Picnic spots for everyone

Considering the large selection of cozy spots for a picnic in St. Johann it is hard to choose. To make your decision easier, we have tested and listed five highlight picnic spots for you. Of course, you can spread your picnic blanket at any of your own favorite places in St. Johann.

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