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Liechtensteinklamm Gorge

Re-Opening: 11. June 2020.


Up to date information:

The Liechtensteinklamm will be re-opened for visitors on 11. June 2020.

Official statement of the municipality of St. Johann im Pongau, May 2020:


The extensive construction measures in the Liechtensteinklamm are entering their final phase. Due to the Corona-related three-week break and the strict safety precautions for employees, the popular excursion destination cannot be expected to open before mid-June. The new attraction - the Helix staircase - was installed in April. The railings and treads (grating) will be installed in May. At the moment the footbridges are also being repaired and renovated. The rock clearance on the partly overhanging and steep rock faces will be completed by the middle of next week. Due to the Corona virus and the strict rules associated with it, only half of the staff could be deployed to the Liechtensteinklamm until now. Starting with the beginning of May, work can resume at full staffing levels (25 people). The exact opening date will be announced as construction work progresses.


Official statement of the municipality of St. Johann im Pongau, January 2020:


Since a rock fall in May 2017, the Liechtensteinklamm Gorge has been closed. In order to make this popular excursion destination accessible to visitors from all over the world again, the Gorge has undergone extensive restoration work since then. No fewer than 59 rock fall protection nets with a total length of approx. 1100 meters have been erected over the gorge's slopes. In addition to the safety measures, visitors can expect new tunnel and gallery paths as well as viewing platforms and footbridges architecturally adapted to the landscape of the Gorge. A new attraction is the approx. 30 meter high spiral staircase called "Helix". This leads down into the depths, where onlookers will be able to experience breathtaking impressions of the natural spectacles. Before the planned opening in May 2020, final assembly jobs of the steel structures and works to connect the existing paths, as well as the annual rock clearance and removal, must still be carried out. The execution of the Liechtensteinklamm project is one of the most demanding and most extensive construction projects of this kind in Austria.


Fascinating views and outlooks in the mountains

Liechtenstein Gorge is certainly one of the longest, deepest, and most impressive gorges in the Alps. The mighty thunder of the waterfall, the moss-grown rocks in rich green, a legendary atmosphere, and sun rays that create a rainbow in the fine water mist. The unique natural spectacle in the Salzburger Land is known for an unforgettable trip of a special kind - an experience for the whole family.

Over thousands of years, the thundering water falls and the rushing masses of water have cut more and more deeply into the mountain and have created a gorge. The rocks stand so narrow and high in places that only a small strip of the sky remains visible.


As early as in 1875, thisAlpine natural spectacle fascinated people so much that the gorge was made accessible to the general public as a summer excursion destination,with bridges and footbridges, by a donation from Prince Liechtenstein. Since then, more than 10 million people from all over the world have visited the legendary Liechtenstein Gorge. No visitor can help but be fascinated by the immense impression and the almost ghostly light and shadow play in the depth and narrowness of the gorge.


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