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Skitouren in St. Johann in Salzburg
Skitouren in St. Johann in Salzburg
Skitouren in Stankt Johann im Pongau, Österreich

Ski tours for all levels

Peace and nature on the mountain


Ski tours and ski mountaineering are becoming increasingly popular. On the mountain, you can feel the peace and nature and leave the daily grind behind. More and more people discover the mountain world on their own – on marked routes in the ski resorts and off the prepared slopes. But safety should not be forgotten.


St. Johann in Salzburg is the ideal starting point for small and large ski tours, whether for beginners or enthusiastic alpinists, whether along marked trails on the slopes or off the beaten track. The prerequisite, of course, is always sufficient snow, good preparation, and appropriate equipment.



Ski touring in open nature

The location in the middle of the Salzburger Land makes St. Johann in Salzburg an ideal starting point for small and large ski tours surrounded by nature. Be it in the nearby valleys, such as the Grossarl or the Kleinarl Valley, or at the foot of the Tennen mountains or the Hochkönig.


The offer of the local ski schools ranges from private lessons to improve the technique, excursions into the deep snow area, to multi-day ski tours with overnight accommodation. In addition, careful planning of the route is required, for which, among other things, snow conditions and risks of avalanches need to be known.


Guided ski tours

Please contact the ski schools directly for a booking; they will gladly create individual offers.


Safety on ski tours

As with everything you experience in the Alpine region, you have to follow certain mandatory rules during your ski tour. This not only concerns your own safety, but also the safety of all other people in the immediate vicinity and who could be put at risk by your own negligent behavior. So if you follow the following rules, keep a cool head and look ahead, then there is nothing to stop you from having a beautiful touring experience.

  • Note the avalanche risk and talk to locals about their assessment of the dangers.
  • Plan your tour according to the avalanche risk and the weather forecast. Often the best decision is to stay at home and wait for better conditions.
  • NEVER (even during low avalanche risk level) enter the terrain without appropriate equipment (avalanche rescue beacon, shovel, probe, mobile phone with rechargeable battery). This applies to all group members. Athletes who do not have the appropriate equipment must remain in the valley.
  • Checking the avalanche rescue beacon before starting the tour is a matter of life or death.
  • Do not put excessive loads on steep slopes even when ascending (leave 10 m distance between the ski tourers).
  • Always ride down steep slopes by yourself; for up to 35 degrees downward gradient, the distance between the tour members should be at least 30 m. This will at least somewhat reduce the load on slopes.
  • From warning level 3, slopes of 35 degrees gradient or more must be avoided.
  • Select the proper season for the ascent. Sunlight, weather changes, and sunsets must be considered before you go.
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