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Snowshoe hiking in St. Johann

Exploring untouched nature in winter

If you prefer to explore the winter landscape of St. Johann away from slopes and well-trodden winter hiking trails, you best strap on two snowshoes. Discover untouched landscapes that would otherwise remain hidden in winter. Experience the local nature and its animal world, enjoy the quiet moments and recharge your batteries. The view from the summit cross over the surrounding mountains covered in deep snow makes you forget the effort of the ascent in deep snow. But often the goal is not a mountain peak, but rather just the first steps in the snow or the impressive silence in the woods, experienced while snowshoeing. To make sure you walk safely away from the trodden winter hiking paths and to enjoy nature without worries, we recommend a guided snowshoe hike with our experts. You can book a hike directly with the following providers, price and equipment upon request.

in St. Johann


Enjoy a guided snowshoe hike with our experts. Booking information:

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