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Sessellift im Snow Space Salzburg Alpendorf, Ski amadé
Sessellift im Snow Space Salzburg Alpendorf, Ski amadé
Gemütliche, moderne Liftanlagen im Snow Space Salzburg Alpendorf

Slopes & lifts

Ski resort Snow Space Salzburg

St. Johann in Salzburg offers you a direct access to the ski resort Snow Space Salzburg with 210 km of perfectly groomed slopes and modern facilities for your perfect skiing day. In addition you, will find a small ski area with slopes ideal for beginners and children on the family mountain Hahnbaum.

Open lifts and slopes

Learn all about the lift and ski-opening times of the ski resort Snow Space Salzburg:

+ Slopes & lifts St. Johann

+ Slopes & lifts Flachau

+ Slopes & lifts Wagrain

Snowpark Alpendorf

Enjoy Freestyle - the fun park at the Snow Space Salzburg ski resort

The snow park is located right in the center of the ski resort of St. Johann in Salzburg, just below the mountain station of the Hirschkogel 6-seater chairlift, and is a popular meeting place for all freestyle fans. Snowboarders and freeskiers burn off some energy on two lines, ranging from easy jumps and boxes to the progression line for more speed and style.




Trio Infernale - the three black slopes

Der Hexenschuss - One of three difficult black slopes

The three black slopes in the Alpendorf ski resort in St. Johann im Pongau make up the Trio Infernale. Experienced skiers will find a challenge of a special kind on these three slopes. The trio presents itself with different lengths and gradients.


TheHexenschuss ("lumbago") (#52), for example, is one of the shortest runs in the ski resort with a length of 182 m, but a maximum downward gradient of 70%, the slope has a lot to offer. The longest is theSchlangengrube ("snakepit") (#55a) with a length of 1,045 m. In between, in terms of length and gradient, you will find theHabergeiss-Ritt (#50a) at 445 m and 64 %.


With the Trio Infernale, even the demanding skier will find an exciting range of slopes in the family ski resort Alpendorf.


Facts & figures about the Trio Infernale

  Habergeiss-Ritt Schlangengrube Hexenschuss
Slope no. 50a 55a 52
Maximum downward gradient 33° 24° 35°
Slope 64 % 45 % 70 %
Lenght 445 m 1.045 m

182 m

Die Teufelsroute am GernkogelDevil's Trail - Adventure trip for kids

The "Teufelsroute" ("Devil's Trail") is an exciting change from the regular slopes and is particularly popular with little skiers.

The "Devil's Trail" is located near the mountain station of the Buchau summit lift. In the summer, the realm of earth spirits can be found on the Ghost Mountain. Are you brave enough to dare to walk along the witches and krampus?

Lookout tower - with a unique panorama view

The lookout tower on the summit of the Gernkogel, right next to the mountain station of the Buchau gondola lift, provides a unique panorama view of the surrounding mountains.



Slope closures in the ski resort Alpendorf

As a rule, all slopes are open during the opening times of the lifts.


From 5 pm until 8:30 am, the slopes in the Alpendorf ski resort are closed due to municipal regulations of St. Johann im Pongau. It is prohibited to ski/access the slopes during this time! Any violation of this prohibition will release the lift operator from any liability. The only exception is the downhill run from the Gernkogelalm to the Alpendorf (slopes 56 and 54). Here, the slopes are closed from 7 pm to 8:30 am,

Thank you for your understanding. During this time, we are preparing the slopes for the next ski day and there is a risk of injury due to the slope preparation, lane grooves, winches, power cables, hoses, or snow cannons.

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